Custom Cake Elements

Do you know you want a custom cake but you aren’t sure where to start? Check out some of our popular elements, you can also mix and match…


You can choose to have the entire cake enrobed in fondant or add fondant creations such as animals, shapes, toppers, etc.

Gumpaste Flowers

Gumpaste is similar to fondant but dries to a hard, delicate porcelain-like final texture. We make all of our flowers by hand for each order.

A Sweet Keepsake

Gumpaste flowers last forever, providing they stay away from moisture after being removed from the cake. You can keep your floral spray or individual flowers as a one of a kind keepsake to remember your special day.

Goldleaf and Sprinkles

We can add a lot or we can add a little. Gold leaf also comes in silver and copper, it’s edible and takes your cake to a whole other level!

Fruit and Berries

Fresh fruit and berries, as well as greenery like lavender and rosemary, add a pop of color as well as enhancing the flavor profile of your cake. We can even add candied citrus!


The drip look is super trendy and add fabulous visual contrast. Drip is sweet, completely edible and comes in every color under the sun!

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